ScreamersTomata1 Unisex Organic Bamboo Cotton Tshirt




Tomata du Plenty, Screamers debut, May 28, 1977. Tomata ran outta nowhere and ran around the stage aka the floor. Some debut! Expressive. Accessible. Brilliant. Talented. Lovable. ONLY one Tomata du Plenty. Sadly missed. Left us way too early.

His art career just taking off. I will never forget him calling me to tell me to catch him on the news. CNN I think. He and I were in an art show, Forming, 1999, Track 16, Santa Monica. Bought some fab paintings. GENIUS.

I was thrilled to see these negs a few years ago when I began some scanning.

THE. BEST. LA. BAND. Their debut show was landmark. Their shows events. Sadly, they imploded before officially recording. Which left the other best and most famous LA band, X. We all hung out. Screamers gave the best parties!

Oh the photos, onstage, offstage, parties, the Masque: I’ve a ton of ’em.

The music! The shows! Nothing will ever come close to it. Had to be there. Thanks for the memories, Tomata du Plenty, Tommy Gear, KK Barrett, Paul Roessler and others.


Colors: Canvas [Tan/Beige], Cocoa [Light Brownish], Eclipse [Blackish], Frost [Whitish], Midnight [Bluish], Pewter [Gray] and Silver.

  • Silky soft and great drape.
  • Breathable with Cooling effect
  • Highly absorbent and wicks water away
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Made in USA
  • Side seamed
  • Set on rib collar
  • Tape shoulder to shoulder
  • Satin label
  • 70% Viscose Bamboo 30% Organic cotton 4.4 oz/sq yd