Screamers Trio Infant Jersey Contrast Trim Velcro Bib




I love this Screamers image, taken outside Bomp Records, North Hollywood the day it opened, April 9, 1977. Plus Tomata du Plenty and Tommy Gear, Screamers debut, May 28, 1977.

Oh the photos, onstage, offstage, parties, the Masque: I’ve a ton of ’em.

The music! The shows! Nothing will ever come close to it. Had to be there. Thanks for the memories, Tomata du Plenty, Tommy Gear, KK Barrett, Paul Roessler and others.

Infant Jersey Bib (Rabbit Skins RS1004)

Rabbit Skins Drop Ship Infant Jersey Contrast Trim Velcro Bib

White/Black, White/Navy, White/Raspberry (pinkish), White/Royal Blue, White/Turquoise
Totes adorbs! How much fun to see your fave LA Punk on your baby’s bib! Makes a great gift for new parents or to be. Cool! II love seeing little kids with mohawks wearing punk bibs! Although dunno if enough hair for a mohawk. Yeah! Reminds ME of my youth! When I lived it. Now you and baby can enjoy some authentic first gen Punk!