Exene, X Cycle Infant Jersey Contrast Trim Velcro Bib


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X, Exene, Motorcycle (her name on her bike, below her hand), April, 1980. Outside their home on Genesee, West Hollywood. We were hanging out during a bar-b-que n their back yard. Go-Go’s, Tomata du Plenty, Top Jimmy and others were there too.

Infant Jersey Bib (Rabbit Skins RS1004)

Rabbit Skins Drop Ship Infant Jersey Contrast Trim Velcro Bib

White/Black, White/Navy, White/Royal Blue.
Totes adorbs! How much fun to see your fave LA Punk on your baby’s bib! Makes a great gift for new parents or to be. Cool! II love seeing little kids with mohawks wearing punk bibs! Although dunno if enough hair for a mohawk. Yeah! Reminds ME of my youth! When I lived it. Now you and baby can enjoy some authentic first gen Punk!